WBE Certification: Your Ticket to A Whole New World of Opportunities

A WBE certification, or a Women’s Business Enterprise certification, is a testament to the fact that your business is completely owned as well as operated by women.

A WBE Certification Can Put You Ahead of the Competition

This certification can be a great marketing tool for any enterprising female entrepreneur or small business owner. This is because it earmarks your special considerations whenever you are bidding on a contract with the local government.

Unfortunately, very few people are even aware of the WBE certification, and this is why they are not able to avail this wonderful opportunity. In fact, many contracts actually go unclaimed because the right person had not applied for them. This happens not just at the federal level, but even for state and city level contracts.

Set Aside

The government and the private sectors have massive procurement budgets, and they use it to purchase products and services worth hundreds of millions of dollars. These purchases range from steel bars for construction to PR and software development services.

Both private and public sector organizations are mandated to look for businesses that are owned by women. Here, your WBE Certification can be of tremendous importance with set aside contracts specifically for you.

Since it is incumbent on many large-scale sector organizations to work with WBE certified individuals, you will have unhindered access to this market. WBE certification will allow you to enjoy the following great benefits:

  • Easy access to county, city, state and federal corporations and large-scale business entities
  • Access to highly specialized and targeted loans
  • Access to technical assistance and different training sessions
  • Access to many educational seminars that are held throughout the year

Applying for WBE Certification

As a general rule, the whole application procedure can be very confusing, difficult and time-consuming for eligible applicants who don’t know how to fulfill the requirements of this certificate. But with the right guidance, it is possible to make sure that you will eventually sail through.

But tackling this task on your own is not going to be very easy. This is why you will need highly trained and well-qualified certification consultants who will determine if you fulfill all the required criteria to have a Women’s Business Enterprise certification.  Not only will they guide you throughout the application process, but they will also help you to bid on various projects within the WBE certification guidelines.


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