Business Certifications: What You Need to Get Ahead of the Competition

Obtaining the right certification for your new business enterprise
is absolutely critical to gain easy access to highly lucrative corporate and
government contracts. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that certification
has the means to give your small business a highly-respected and nationally recognized
status. After you have acquired the relevant certification, your company will
be able to stand out in comparison to your competing firms and companies.

Different Types
of Business Certifications

Every certification has its own requirements, and you will
have to understand your niche before you can apply for the relevant
certificate. In this respect, a top end professional consultancy will not only
help you understand which certification would be best for you, but it will also
identify additional opportunities once you have the coveted certificate in your

There are different certifications available for the suppliers
of products and services. Moreover, there are many different government
agencies at the state, local and federal level that will be all willing to work
with you once you have the required certification in your hand.

When applying for a certificate, it does not really matter if you are an entrepreneur launching your very own start-up or even a seasoned business owner with several lucrative contracts under your belt.  Once you have the requisite certification, you will be able to tap into multiple revenue streams simultaneously.  Let us check out a few certification options and all that they entail.

The Federal Small Business Administration SBA 8(a) Certification

This business certification is for the ‘socially and economically disadvantaged’ segments of society.  If you are able to meet the eligibility criteria, you will be offered the Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development Program. This program is also known as the 8(a) Certification. Here, it is pertinent to know that this certification program is deemed to be absolutely invaluable for various struggling businesses. This is because it provides access to multiple government contracting opportunities.

State Level DBE Certification

If your business is wholly operated, owned, and/or controlled by any socio-ethnic group that has been designated as ‘disadvantaged’ in any way, you may rest assured that you will be declared eligible for a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification (DBE Certification). Basically, this type of certification will allow you, as the primary business owner, to receive both special and also additional consideration whenever you decide to bid on any local and state level government contracts.

Here, it is pertinent to understand that many city, state, and country contracts that have been set aside for DBE certificate holders generally end up going unclaimed as many minority business owners are not even aware of the requirements for this certification.

You should always remember that even during the recession, the government has to continue to spend so that
it will be in a position to stimulate growth and also fund its day to day operations.

GSA Schedule

As the key purchasing agent for the United States government, the U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) has to process hundreds of thousands of contracts, and its annual procurement spending can easily cost billions of dollars. Here, the GSA actively seeks to establish multiple long-term government contracts with several commercial firms in order to provide unrestricted access to millions of commercial services and products at bulk volume (wholesale) rates.

MBE – Minority Owned Business Certification

The Minority Business Enterprise Certification has been created for the express purpose of identifying your small business enterprise as being wholly controlled, owned, or operated by a specific minority group. The MBE certification will allow you and your company to receive certain unique considerations that only apply to this certificate. This will give you a definitive edge when you compete for contracts with the local government.

WBE – Women’s Business Enterprise

If you are a female entrepreneur or even the owner of a small business entity, it is important that you try and obtain your Women’s Business Enterprise or WBE Certification. This can be described as a state owned smart business development strategy that has been created exclusively for female entrepreneurs in the United States.

Once you acquire this certification, you will be able to
prove that your business enterprise is owned, operated and controlled by a
women. Since the American government is keen to promote women entrepreneurs,
you will be able to attract additional benefits for your business when it comes
to increasing your revenue stream by bidding for lucrative government
contracts. Apart from that, it will also increase your visibility in an
increasingly competitive market.

However, the application process and meeting the eligibility criteria can be a really time-consuming process. Furthermore, it is also quite confusing for all those individuals who are not familiar with the requirements of the certificate they wish to acquire. But this certainly does not mean that the certification should not be pursued. Many state, local and even national level corporations and government entities are mandated by law to search for minority certified products, service providers and associated vendors in order to fulfill their legal obligations.

Who Choose Us?

the correct business certifications for your enterprise is crucial in order to
gain easy access to both government and corporate contracts. Certification
provides your small business with a nationally-recognized and highly-respected
status that makes your company stand out against marketplace competition for
elite and distinguished clients.

BizCentral USA, we not only ensure that you’re applying for the right
certificates, but we also help you identify additional opportunities along the
way. A wide variety of applications are available for both producers and
service providers across a range of target markets – and there are numerous
government agencies at local, state, and federal levels all waiting to stamp
and sign on your enterprise’s certification.

doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve already secured a
lucrative contract. Start seeing immediate benefits for your business by taking
advantage of the wealth of certification possibilities.

Our qualified consultants have extensive experience in
document preparation for businesses. We can complete both state and federal
documents for your organization and guarantee their approval. Some key benefits
of using us:

Affordable Pricing: Our services are priced to
accommodate your businesses budget while still including all necessary items
for your organization.

Professional Quality: We pride ourselves on the
professional-grade quality work completed by our consultants, and guarantee
100% satisfaction.

Full-Service Options: We do our document
preparation services in house, providing our customers with consistent
professional service, quality, and quick turnaround.

Streamlined Process: We prepare your documents
in a timely manner, allowing you to receive your services within 10-15 days
after receiving all necessary documents.

Complementing Services: We offer a variety of
services, including payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation and more all for an
affordable price!

Experienced Staff: We have gained an exceptional
amount of experience in document preparation due to our low-prices, allowing you
to be prepared for audits, annual reporting, fund-leveraging and financial
planning. We are experts when it comes to filing for businesses.

Long-Term Relationship: Because we offer many
services, our goal is to WIN our clients with great pricing and fanatical
customer service to enable a long-term relationship.


In light of the above discussion, we can easily see that any
future growth of your small business enterprise will be largely dependent on
acquiring a business certification. However, going through all the legal formalities
can be a time consuming and difficult task.

This is the part where BizCentral USA comes into the picture. Our highly skilled consultants have years of experience in fulfilling all the requirements for your business certification. And we can also help you to apply for highly lucrative contracts once you have received your coveted certificate.

Feel free to call us to learn more about the certification
process at (833) 217-9667. We are here to help, and eager to help you will all
your certification needs.

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