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What to Expect

This process will involve a comprehensive review of your business, including financial documents, corporate structure and information about your business operations as well as personal information about the owner(s). This is to ensure the business is viable and the owner(s) meet the requirements for certification (minority status, personal net worth, etc.). Since each certifying agency is different, there may be unique information required for each type of certification.
The process starts with an initial consultation to ensure we understand your organization and its goals so you have the best chance for success. We’ll need some initial information about your company to get started on your application. This information will be critical for us to open your account so we’ll work with you to get that started as soon as possible. You will be given access to our Client Portal to provide this information securely.
As we complete your application, we may need additional information required by the certifying agency. Please make sure to complete all requests at your earliest convenience and as accurately as possible so we can proceed with the application.
Once completed, we will prepare the application and supporting documents for you to submit. Most agencies require the owners to do the actual submittal and require you to attest to the accuracy of the information.
After the application has been submitted, we will support you as the agency reviews your documents to provide any additional information, clarification or interpretation of the results, and prepare you for the interview through the final decision.

Questions from the Certifying Agency

Upon submission of your application, the certifying agency will ask for additional documents or have questions on your documents by sending you and email or calling your business.
BizCentral USA will assist you in responding to those questions and documents if we are informed.

The Applicant Interview

Upon approval of all the documents and information, the certifying agency will reach out for an interview.
BizCentral USA will help prepare you for the rigorous interview.
We know how important this is to your business and our goal is to make this process as streamlined as possible to allow your focus to stay on managing your business.
Please note that we do not have any control over the decision-making process as well as the timeline to get approved. Each certifying agency controls that process. They will reach out to you directly if they need any further information.
Please let us know if you have any questions throughout the process. Thank you!

Janet Carruthers, CPA

Terms and Conditions:

BizCentral USA is a Document Preparation Service and Business Consulting firm. BizCentral USA is not a legal or accounting firm and therefore does not give legal, financial or accounting advice on any business documents that are required for any certification. BizCentral USA does not guarantee any certification from any agency. BizCentral USA files the documents provided by their clients to the certifying agency without assurance of the correctness or completeness of the documentation. If you are denied certification, BizCentral USA can assist you with the appeal process at an additional cost.
Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy:
The credit card billing will appear as BizCentral USA. Payment in full is made prior to services being initiated by BizCentral USA.
When placing your order, you will be given access to our secure portal to utilize for your account information. If you cancel the order prior to delivery of the completed application, we will issue a partial refund based on the following processing phases: Phase 1 – You may cancel at any time for a full refund prior to any work started. Phase 2 – (initial review / consultation) – Questionnaire received, reviewed by BizCentral USA and secured portal created. 25% of the order is to be paid to BizCentral USA. Refund eligibility is 75% of total invoice. Phase 3 – (research & implementation) – Research completed and implementation (partial completed work). 50% of the order is to be paid to BizCentral USA. Refund eligibility is 50% of total order/bill. Phase 4 (Review) – Any work that has been shared for client review or validation. 75% of order total is to be paid to BizCentral USA. Refund eligibility is 25% of total order/bill.
BizCentral USA reserves the right to cancel orders when clients are unresponsive to requests for information needed to complete an order. After 10 business days from the time of order, if we have not received the requested information, we will place your order on hold until we receive the completed information. In the event we have not received any requested information after 60 business days from the order, we reserve the right to cancel the order and you get a refund based on the terms above. You may resubmit an order at any time.
Orders that are outstanding greater than 120 days due to missing information or lack of customer correspondence are not eligible for a refund. In lieu of a refund we will work with you on a plan to restart your order or services at a discounted rate. If your application is deleted by the certifying agency due to your lack of correspondence, we will work with you on a plan to restart your order or services at a discounted rate. Completed and delivered orders are nonrefundable. Making additional copies or unauthorized distribution of our web tools violates the Federal US 1976 Copyright Law. You may use the web tools and information to view or submit information only for the purpose of completing your order. You or your organization cannot make additional copies or to be distributed to other persons, or store the information on your hard drive, and then allow other persons to use the web tools.

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