GSA Document Checklist

List of Supporting Documents for GSA

  • Pathways to Success Training Certificate
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Agent Authorization Letter (If Applicable)
  • Completed Offer Response Document
  • Completed SAM Profile (With FAR Report)
  • Online Representations and Certifications Application
  • Completed Open Ratings Evaluation and Order Form (reference must be within the last 2 years)
  • Commercial Sales Practice Format
  • Complete Small Business Subcontracting Plan (If Applicable)
  • Summary of Offer
  • Cancellation/Reject Notices (If Applicable)
  • Other GSA Contracts (If Applicable)
  • Other Pending GSA Offers (If Applicable)
  • Balance Sheets for 2 most recent years
  • Profit and Loss Statements for 2 most recent years
  • Corporate Experience Narrative
  • Project Experiences Narrative(2 projects per SIN, no more than two years from receipt of the GSA offer, each project may not exceed 4 pages per project)
  • Quality Control Strategies Narrative
  • Identify Pricing Structure
  • Pricing Narrative
  • Training Course Pricing (If Applicable)
  • Domestic/Overseas Rates (If Applicable)
  • Customer/Contractor Rates (If Applicable)
  • Commercial Pricelist/Standard Rate Sheet (If Applicable)
  • Economic Price Adjustments
  • Labor Category Descriptions (If Applicable)
  • Estimated Sales Rationale
  • Pricing Fair and Reasonable Narrative
  • Supporting Documentation for Labor Categories/Services Offered (i.e. invoices proving previous experience)
  • Professional Compensation Plan
  • Uncompensated Overtime Policy
  • Service Contract Act Statement/Matrix
  • Evidence of Security Clearance (If Applicable)
  • List of agencies, bureaus, or contracting offices which you have targeted to sell your product or service, if any.

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