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The Faces Behind BizCentral


Efrain Rodriguez
Founder & CEO

Efrain is an armed forces veteran, having served in the US Army. With more than two decades of sales, marketing and management experience in the B2B and B2C industries, Efrain has developed a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in the business world.


Felix Zapata
Director of Operations

Felix manages, directs and implements operations, strategies and objectives to ensure the achievement of the company’s goals. He closely monitors production teams for quality assurance and product-cycle adjustments. Ultimately ensuring everything is running smoothly and efficiently.


Bob Moffatt
Business Consultant

Bob has assisted clients in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. His heart is to help people so that they may be able to help others. Bob was previously the Director of a Christian Drug & Alcohol Nonprofit Foundation.


Ronald Espinal
Business Consultant

Ronald assists clients in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Ronald graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s in Political Science and brings a creative approach to the table, focusing on attention to detail and fanatical customer service.


Jeffrey McDade
Business Consultant

Jeff has extensive experience in consulting with for profit businesses, financial institutions and customer service. His passion has lead him to serve in the non-profit sector. His main focus is helping others and bringing light to their dreams.


Rick Fields
Business Consultant

Rick specializes in starting and funding nonprofit organizations. Rick studied Biology and Communications at Alvernia University and he is passionate about helping others make a difference. Prior to BizCentral, Rick has had a varied career, with experience in Operations, Account Management, and Sales.

Tim Olson
Business Consultant

Tim helps clients start up and expand for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Having spent years working full-time as the owner/manager of a mid-sized wedding services business, he understands the challenges that can come from being responsible for all aspects of an organization. He has a background in consulting, fundraising, sales, and low-budget start-ups.

Michael Houbrick
Business Consultant

Michael is a former Hollywood talent agent who helps celebrity clients and private companies create their own private or charitable foundation. He originally came to BizCentral as a customer, seeking help to form his own nonprofit, Operation Cheesy Medicine, which helps terminally ill people write their life story.


Maria Caballero
Nonprofit Service Manager

Maria specializes in nonprofit startup and tax exemption acquisition. Prior to BizCentral she enjoyed a successful career in customer service management, having held various leadership positions within the retail and hospitality industries.


Leslie Hege
Service Consultant

Leslie administers the customer care process by assisting clients throughout the preparation and completion of their purchase. Prior to employment with BizCentral she worked for several years in various customer care positions in the retail and hospitality industries.


Melanie Swift
Senior Consultant

Melanie is experienced in all aspects of nonprofit administration and mission-focused management; including grant writing, resource development, volunteer recruitment, strategic planning, and IRS tax law compliance for both public and private nonprofit organizations.

Elizabeth Frantz

Bio is coming


Hector Guadalupe
Service Consultant

Hector specializes in business plan writing and preparing minority business certification applications. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and is currently working towards his Master of Business Administration.


Jennifer Nelson
Service Consultant

Jennifer’s specific area of expertise is business plan writing and market research. She has extensive experience in all areas of business, having worked with over 800 clients to date in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Angel Noa
Web Developer

Angel is a graduate from the University of Central Florida. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Web Design and now helps the company build and maintain their site, as well as the sites of numerous clients.


Marisol Cruz
Web Coordinator

Marisol assists new website clients and existing web maintenance clients with their website design and development in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. 

Kristin Orr
Marketing Coordinator

Kristin maintains internal marketing of our social media, and PR, assists both nonprofit and small businesses with their marketing needs to maximize true potential. Graduated with a bachelors degree in marketing from the University of Central Florida.


Ashley White
Customer Care

I studied pharmaceuticals and Computer Science, I also have a passion for dogs and work closely with Rescues as well as foster. Hope to be a programmer one day and start my own Dog rescue.


Crystal Hunter
Accounts Receivable


Vilma Rivera
Office Receptionist

Vilma works at the front desk in our office, managing all phone calls, invoices, and mailing out your important documents! Our main point of contact with both potential and existing clients, she always points them to the right department or consultant.

Service Consultant

Shaun is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He specializes in helping startup organizations achieve their dreams of operating successful nonprofit organizations. Through his valuable insight and recommendations, customers can obtain their nonprofit tax exemption status.

Sara Robinson
Service Consultant