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Service Commitment

Client orders are usually completed within 10-15 business days after we receive all of the documentation needed to complete your order. For us to meet this timetable it is critical that clients return the signed service agreement, initial questionnaire, and any additional documentation requested in a timely manner.

Service Commitment: Overall we believe our clients want their services completed quickly, and we are committed to getting all work completed, fully paid, and shipped within 30 days. If we cannot complete your order within 30 days for reasons not related to missing documentation or delays on your part, we will credit your account $25. If we are unable to get in contact with you after 3 attempts (calls & emails) your order will be considered inactive. An inactive account will be archived and may be reactivated at a later date for an additional $75 fee. To reactivate your account all orders must be paid in full prior to resuming work again.

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