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Revision Policy

Our service consultant strives to provide quality service at the most cost effective price for our customers; however in order to do so we require that you provide quality, comprehensive information to be included therein. Your service order is ultimately a compilation of your organization’s approved content, please keep in mind that the final product will be a direct result of the quality of information provide to us.

Included with specific writing, creative, and graphic design services is a revision opportunity (please review product terms). We require that all requested revisions be submitted to us at one time, in writing, and within 7 days of receipt of the service draft. If revision request is not received within 7 days we will assume that the draft is acceptable and will move forward with service completion. We understand that clients may have additional needs; therefore we encourage you to consider purchasing a maintenance plan or additional time. To maintain our affordable prices, we provide limitations on time allocated to preparation and revisions on each order. However, additional time or revisions may be purchased at our low hourly rates.

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