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Payment Terms

All service orders must be paid in full within 30 days from the date of purchase. If a payment plan option has been selected, a 5% standard surcharge may be applied, and you authorize us to automatically debit your account for each subsequent payment on the pre-selected dates in accordance with your selected payment plan, as well as for the remaining balance upon completion of your service order, or in 30 days, whichever may be sooner. Subsequent payments on the payment plan are programmed into the billing system and any modifications to the billing cycle or changes to the original order will incur a $25 processing fee. Our Payment plans are preprogrammed to automatically bill as follows: PP-4: 4 Weekly installments beginning with the date of order placement, PP-3: 3 Bi-Weekly installments beginning with the date of order placement, PP-2: 2 installments, one on the date of purchase, and one 30 days later, or when work is completed whichever comes first. No work will be shipped without full payment.  A payment after 30 days will incur late fees at the rate of $25 per every month the account is late. BizCentral USA only bills our clients our fee to perform the services selected. All filing fees are the sole responsibility of the client.